Juniors '57-'58

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Spirited Juniors Enliven Campus

In all that we, the class of '59 did, whether scholastic or social, we brought a spirited enthusiasm rarely seen on the Prevost campus. From the '57 - '58 scene we carry off many moments to cherish: the Henmon-Nelson tests, the numerous absentees during the Asiatic flu, and the first place in the patron-card drive. Spirits reached their apex when we trekked, on Lincoln's birthday, to the Ford plant in Somerville and to M.I.T. in Boston. Many were the good times during this memorable year. (from the "Class of '58" yearbook)

Honored: Two stalwart sodalists, Robert Tremblay and Richard Gendreau, congratulate Father Gerard Boisvert upon being appointed spiritual director of the Queen of Peace Sodality Union of Greater Fall River.

Maps and Globes: Raymond Blais' report on the Dark Continent to the world geography class interests Robert Lavoie, Paul Pellerin and Leo Marchand.

Senior Scholastic: Current events fascinate Roger Rioux, Robert Tremblay, Roger Lamontagne and Richard Chretien especially when they read them from this high school weekly.

Halogen Family: Henry DeGagne, Robert St. Laurent, Jean Chouinard and Julien Goulet solemnly await the outcome of a solution of bromine and water.

Overcoming A Difficult One: Maurice Michaud, Paul Matton and Edgar Berube remember the formula, but how do you apply it?

Assets And Liabilities: Normand Cayer, Gerard Brault, and Paul Cantin put their heads together to balance the accounts of their bookkeeping project.

Plan Trip To M.I.T.: The officers of the junior class (seated) Edgar Berube, vice-president; Paul Lambert, president; (standing) Robert Tremblay, secretary; and Gerard Letourneau, treasurer; organized the trek to Boston.

Drag Racing Enthusiasts: With Robert Dube in the driver's seat, Roland Bileau, Robert Lavoie, Paul Matton, Gerard Brault and Bertrand Durette ready themselves to challenge Prevost's drag racers.

Lack Qualifications: Paul Pellerin, Robert St. Laurent, Paul Cantin, Roland Pelletier, Gerald Guay and Reginald L'Italien dejectedly walk out of Jesus Marie Academy; you can well imagine why.

Popular Subject: Putting their elementary knowledge of chemistry to use are (seated) Roger Rioux and Richard Barrette; (standing) Richard Chrétien, Julien Goulet, Henri DeGagne and Richard Forcier

Class Rings: Anxious juniors, Maurice Michaud, Roger Lamontagne, Maurice Roy, Donald Lanouette and Albert Berube, cannot wait any longer; they decided to call the Balfour agent about their graduation rings.

Busy Library: Jean Chouinard, Robert Manosh, Roger Beauchesne, and Leo Marchand eagerly await their turn to have their books checked out by a busy librarian aide, Arthur Charland (seated).

Research Papers: Preparing a report for the world geography class calls for plentiful hours at the library on the part of Raymond Pinault, Maurice Lamontagne, Roger Chauvette, Normand Cayer and Ronald Berube.

Sing Praises to Mary: Raymond Proulx, Hector Gauthier, Ludger Roy, Reginald L'Italien, Richard Chretien and Paul Levesque join their voices to those of the LaSalette at Attleboro.

Christmas Gifts: Robert Tremblay, Raymond Robillard and Richard Gendreau fill Ray's car with games and puzzles for the orphans while Brother George, moderator, looks on.

Senior Sodality: Ready for another meeting are Roger Gauthier, Paul Levesque, Robert Tremblay, Richard Chretien, Raymond Robillard, Richard Derosiers, Richard Gendreau, Raymond Proulx and Ronald Dube.

Sodality officers: Richard Chretien, treasurer; Raymond Robillard, prefect; Richard Gendreau, secretary; and Richard Derosiers, vice-prefect, read the Queen's Work in their own Sodality room at the Annex.

Maple Leaf Roving Reporters: The fresh style of (seated) Paul Briere, Ray Robillard, Roland Bileau, Paul E. Lambert, (standing) Tom Ryan and Paul Martin, distinguished our school paper.

Regular Columnists: (Seated) Armand Aubut, talked about music, Ronald Valcourt sketched the student life, (standing) Paul Matton reported the weather, and Bob Tremblay sized up the sports for you in the Maple Leaf.

At The Keyboard: Our Newsette could not have gone to press without 9seated) Paul L. Lambert, Norm Roy, (standing) Norm Lavigne, Paul Valcourt and Paul Michaud at the types.

Other Departments: Dick Gendreau, printer; Ray Gagnon, circulation; Maurice Lamontagne and Roger Desautels, proofreaders; and Reggie Cousineau, artist, gave 100% to the Maple Leaf's editor.

Prevost Debaters ~ Debate Squad: (Seated) Peter Lussier, Roger Raymond, Richard Durette, Ronald Valcourt, (standing) Maurice Lamontagne, Paul E. Lambert and Paul Martin enjoyed another forensic year together.

Speech Contest: Hopeful junior candidates compete for a trophy when they deliver speeches before the student body at the annual meet.

Tumbling Down: Ernest Cowell craftily snatches the ball from a Westport foe who is left in a rather awkward position.

Finished 5th in Narry League:  Compiling a 6-7 record, Prevost finished in fifth place in Narry Baseball League in 1957. Front row, Ronnie Gagnon, Richard Beland, Chuck Parent; second row: George Lambert, Bob Costa, Pete Watts, Dave Black, Roger Laferriere, Norm Phenix; rear: Bob Fay, Ray Hetu, Art Turgeon, Don Fay, Mike McPartland, Maurice Michaud.

Basketball Team 1957-58: Left to right: Ernest Caron, Richard Bourgeois, Roger Raymond, Richard Beland, Maurice Michaud, Robert Dube, Arthur Turgeon, Albert Berube, Robert Vincelette, captain.

Backcourt General: Directing the operations with a bandaged hand, Coach Tom Hammond tells Art Turgeon to guard his man. Team manager, Henry DeGagne also follows the directions.

Field Day Rivalry: While juniors and sophomores run frantically in a competitive fray, Brother George, judge of the contest, keeps an eye on the game.

On The Ledge: That's the place where many a junior and senior are battered and bruised playing football or soccer.

With The Greatest Of Ease: Gerry Letourneau scales the bar at the field day encounter.


Shot-put Contestant: While a sea of dismayed faces rapturously looks on, a sophomore watches the trajectory of the heavy burden Gerry Guay launched into space.

Big Wheels At Retreat: Richard Durette, Jean Boule, Richard Pouliot, Paul Canuel, and Robert Dube pause for a chat after a day of silence and deep thought.

National Catholic Press Month: saw our librarian aides, Arthur Charland, Raynmond Robillard, Paul Desilets and Roger Desautels, devotedly serving us as usual.

Rally Staged: The entire student body gathered in front of the school to spur our basketball team into a successful season with their cheers.

Happy Faces: Prevost students were exultant, not only because of the cheers, but because of the Christmas vacation which they went into a few hours after this photo was taken.

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