Sophomores '56-'57

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The Sophomores, A More Sedate and Serious Group

(B. Durette excepted) participated more actively in school activities such as "The Maple Leaf" weekly, Sodality and sports. Many who had the bug for "rock n' roll" and calypso music joined the Glee Club and harmonized their voice in a more serious "Sweet and Low". Cars whetted their wanderlust appetites, and classroom discussions gratified their urge to express themselves. They rapidly learned to dance and roll platters with a "Mutual Admiration Society". (from the "Class of '57 yearbook")

Happy over the election returns are the promising young officers of the Sophomore B Class: Richard Gendreau, president; Robert Tremblay, vice-president; Edgar Berube, secretary; and Richard Chretien, treasurer.

Proud of their new positions are the officers of the Sophomore A Class: Robert St. Laurent, treasurer; Roland Bileau, secretary; Paul E. Lambert, president; and Maurice Roy, vice-president.

Sophomore Librarian, Arthur Charland tends to his daily task of checking out books, in this instance for Freshman Roger Belanger.

A rapid review of the bones, directed by Brother Roland, biology teacher, helps Jean Chouinard, Richard Gendreau and Bob Tremblay before an exam.

Sophomore A Class: 1st Row: Richard Forcier, Bertrand Durette, Ronald Berube, Paul E. Lambert, Richard Barrette, Julien Goulet, Roland Bileau. 2nd Row: Roger Rioux, George Binette, Reginald L'Italien, Kenneth Carr, Robert Lavoie, Normand Berube. 3rd Row: Robert St. Laurent, Leo Marchand, Arthur Charland, Gerald Guay, Roland Pelletier. 4th Row: Albert Arsenault, Roger Chauvette, Roger Beauchesne, Maurice Roy.

Sophomore B Class: 1st Row: Robert Plouffe, Donald Lanouette, Maurice Lamontagne, Edgar Berube, Paul Matton, Richard Gendreau, Bertrand Rousseau, 2nd Row: Albert Berube, Robert Dube, Henry DeGagne, Gerard Breault, Richard Chretien, Paul Cantin. 3rd Row: Normand Cayer, Robert Tremblay, Armand Emond, Robert Manosh, Gerard Letourneau. 4th Row: Jean Chouinard, Maurice Michaud, Raymond Blais, Norbert Mercier, Vincent Ahaesy. 5th Row: Ernest Cowell, Paul Pellerin.

French reading appeals to sophomores Ray Blais, Al Arsenault, Bob Dube and Ron Berube when it comes from the Reader's Digest in French says Brother Hervey

Round table discussions are a favorite in Brother Robert's English classes. Maurice Lamontagne, Gerard Letourneau, Paul Pellerin, Albert Berube and Richard Gendreau, chairman, trash out the topic: "Should the compulsory school age be raised to 18?"

Commercial arithmetic rounds out the mathematical knowledge of Paul Pellerin, Leo Marchand, Paul Matton, Bob Bernier, and Bob St. Laurent. Brother George at the board.

The Queen's Work, the Sodality magazine, is vital to meetings and discussions let by Brother George, moderator, with Leo Marchand, Richard Chretien, Robert Tremblay, and Reginald L'Italien actively participating.

The Senior Sodality: 1st Row: R. Raymond, R. Phenix, R. Vincelette, L. Michaud, A. Roy, M. McPartland, R. Caron, G. Plouffe, R. Pinault. 2nd Row: R. Tremblay, R. Chretien, B. Rousseau, R. Gendreau, R. Barrette, R. L'Italien, R. Robillard, P. Michaud, L. Marchand, P. Bouchard.

Sodalists believe that Mary and her rosary are the best means to world peace.

Cartoon Specialist, Ernest Cowell, retouches one of his weekly sketches for the school paper.

"The Maple Leaf" weekly staff: 1st Row: R. Fay, M. McPartland, A. Lavoie, R. Guimond, A. Thibault. 2nd Row: E. Berube, R. Bileau, H. Tessier, E. Cowell, R. Manosh, R. Gendreau.

Mimeograph machine, gift of the Class of '56, makes the "Maple Leaf" weekly a possibility. R. Gendreau, R, Manosh and Brother Hervey, moderator, examine its neat work.

Baseball Team 1956:1st row: Henri Fortier, Robert Costa, Donald Fay, Raymond Pinault, William Robidoux. 2nd Row: Charles Parent, Robert Guimond, Normand St. Laurent, Robert Prevost, Richard Lussier, Arthur Hubert. 3rd Row: Richard Durette, Normand Phenix, Robert Lemaire, Richard Vaillancourt, Robert Fay, Maurice Michaud, Rene Saulnier.

Basketball Team 1956 - '57, L to R: Rev. Brother Ignatius, Athletic Director, Andre Lavoie, Donald Fay, Peter Lussier, Albert Turgeon, Robert Guimond, Albert Roy, Gerald Lavoie, Roger Raymond, Robert Fay, Robert Vincellette, , Mr. Thomas Hammond, Coach. Maple Leafs tie for second place in Narry League.

Junior Varsity has 5-10 record, 1st Row R. Levesque, R. Dube, D. Black, A. Berube, G. Vidal, J. Langlois,. 2nd Row: R. Hetu, M. Michaud, R. Pelletier, E. Cowell, P. Pellerin, R. Beauchesne, D. Lavoie, R. Thibeault.

Another School Year is launched as Brother Alban, principal, sounds the first bell of the school year '56 - '57.

Jump for that ball: Ready to pounce the ball when it lowers is a sophomore who wants his class to win.

Many a sideline coach: Coaches are not lacking in this basketball tussle where budding players are trying out their wings.

Sodalists made a pilgrimage to the LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro, MA  to honor Christ the King and his Heavenly Mother on the last Sunday of the month of the Rosary.

Interviewing parents after the first term exams proved a profitable experience for both parents and teachers. Brother James interviews Mr. and Mrs. LeComte.

French Oratorical Winners: Al Roy, Robert Bernier, Richard Gendreau, and Raymond Proulx proudly hold the trophies given by the Prevost Alumni.

Christmas baskets were placed at the foot of the Christmas manger. Once filled by generous students, they were brought to the needy families.

Novena to the Venerable reaches the classes by the intercom. Brother George directs Sodalists Richard Gendreau, Robert Tremblay and Richard Chretien, through the score of the next program.

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