Freshmen '55-'56

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The Freshmen - New, Fresh and Green

A whole big change this year, new faces, new school, new schedules and  a separation from the girls we shared our first eight years with. Scared? Maybe a little, but ready for the challenge and determination to mend our ways or attempt to change the system. The former is probably what the Brothers had in mind for us. We dressed for success and readied for the four years that would help mold our future and set our goals. These four years would be some of the most memorable and enriching. (pictures from the "Class of '56" yearbook)

Freshman A: 1st Row: Donald Lanouette, Ronald Berube, Ronald Lagasse, Maurice Lamontagne, Richard Forcier, Paul Cantin, Russell Fonseca. 2nd Row: Richard Gendreau, Edgar Berube, Richard Hamel, Roger Raymond, Robert Dube, Bertrand Rousseau. 3rd Row: Paul Matton, Roger Rioux, Robert Manosh, Robert St. Laurent, Robert Bernier, Robert Lavoie. 4th Row: Victor Martel, Raymond Blais, Norbert Mercier, Rene Saulnier, Jean Chouinard, Gerald Guay. 5th Row: Roland Pelletier, Ernest Cowell, Paul Caron, Paul Pellerin, William Viera, Albert Arsenault.

Freshman B: 1st Row: Camille Chase, Paul Lambert, Roland Bileau, Roger Lamontagne, Reginald L'Italien, Bertrand Durette, Robert Plourde. 2nd Row: Gerard Brault, Albert Berube, Henry DeGagne, Richard Barrette, Ronald Vanasse, Julien Goulet. 3rd Row: Normand Cayer, Robert Picard, Richard Carignan, Armand Emond, Oscar Paquette, George Binette. 4th Row: Leo Marchand, Normand Berube, Robert Tremblay, Ronald Guerette, Donald Cote, Richard Chretien. 5th Row: George Souza, Maurice Roy, Maurice Michaud, Gerald St. Michel, Paul LaBonte, Kenneth Carr, Gerard Letourneau.

Freshman A Officers: Maurice Lamontagne, secretary; Richard Gendreau, president; Robert Dube, vice-president; Richard Forcier, treasurer.

Freshman B Officers: Roland Bileau, secretary: Robert Tremblay, president; Richard Chretien, vice-president; Reginald L'Italien, treasurer.

Brother Reginald: "It's easy for freshmen to smile."

Brother George: "Time out, the photographer is here."

Sodality '56 - '57: The Sodality under the vigorous impulsion of Brother Reginald, was very active this year. Weekly discussions and frequent Saturday morning masses at various churches helped increase the personal piety and generosity of the members. A pilgrimage to the LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro, and a trip to Boston for a meeting of the New England Sodalists were the highlights of the year.

In October, the Sodalists visited LaSalette Shrine to pay homage to Our Lady, and implore her protection.

Moments after Wilfred Bernier's memorable speech.

Freshman Richard Gendreau wins over the audience with a persuasive address.

Debate Captain Robert Prevost shares his experience with sophomore debaters.

Debate Squad '56 - '57: Our debaters did very well in their first year as members of the Narragansett Bay Debate League, posting a record of 5 wins against 1 loss in league competition.

The Maple Leaf Team: Everyone at Prevost is proud of the "Maple Leaf" which each week brings four pages of fresh news to it's leaders -- at a penny an issue!

The Glee Club: Because of limited opportunities for group[ rehearsals, our musical program for    1955-56 suffered a considerable reduction. However our Glee Club, under the joint direction of Brother Alban, principal, and brother Reginald, did manage to make an appearance in the Third French Music Festival held at Ste. Anne's Auditorium in February.

Orchestra: A dearth of instrumentalists forced our orchestra into the background this year. A few die-hards joined around a core of "Bel-Airs" attending Prevost and did manage to provided euphonious melodies when occasion demanded. Our music enthusiasts associated themselves with the orchestras of Jesus Marie Academy and of Dominican Academy for the French Music Festival.

Paul "Lousy" Gosselin baffles opponents with dazzling dribbling.

In intramurals, Dick Guimond digs in as Paul Caron prepares to fire.

Sophisticated underclassmen indulge in shuffleboard while seniors line up for football.

In volleyball, Don Cote get set for the kill.

Al Berube displays his form in a freshman tilt.

Baseball Champs: Deprived of first place in the Narragansett League by the narrowest of margins, our baseball team accepted an invitation to play in the Eastern Massachusetts Small Schools Tournament and ended up as champs.

Basketball Champs: The highlight of the 1955-56 basketball season was certainly Prevost's triumph in the New England Catholic Invitation Basketball Tournament. In three consecutive days the Maple Leafs triumphed over rugged opponents, and captured the Eric MacKenzie Trophy the hard way by toppling the top seeded, undefeated defending champs Matignon in the finals. In Narry League competition, Prevost ended in second place, with a record of 12 victories and 4 losses.

The champs with their trophies.

Al Roy prepares to drive around Cambridge foe.

Junior Varsity: 1st Row: Paul Lavoie, Robert Dube, Pete Lussier, Reggie L'Italien. 2nd Row: Paul LaBonte, Al Berube, Andy Lavoie, Roger Raymond. 3rd Row: Gerry Lavoie, Paul Pellerin, Maurice Michaud, Jim Mellen.

Paul LaBonte sweeps past startled opposition.

Freshmen examine the bulletin board.

French Festival Ensemble at Ste. Anne's Auditorium. Find the eight Prevost men.

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