The Brothers

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The Brothers of Christian Instruction

Founded in 1819 for the education of the working class. For God Alone, the   motto of the Brothers of Christian Instruction who have consecrated their lives to God and the charitable work of education.

They have dedicated their lives to teaching and educating us here at Monsignor Prevost High School since the school first opened in 1927. We the graduates of Prevost are in great debt to these men of God who have guided us with discipline and instilling in us a sense of serious intellectual work.

        Congratulations to the Brothers of Christian Instruction on their          80th Anniversary of Service in Fall River!  1927 - 2007

Brother Alban

 Principal for our 4 years at Prevost

Brother Albert

Freshman Year

Brother Alexis

Senior Year

Brother Augustus

Freshman, Junior & Senior Years

Brother Benjamin

Senior Year

Brother Edmund

Junior & Senior Years

Brother Ernest

Freshman Year

Brother Francis

Freshman Year

Brother George

Freshman, Sophomore & Junior Years

Brother Hervey

Sophomore & Junior Years

Brother Ignatius

Freshman, Sophomore & Junior Years

Brother James

Sophomore Year

Brother Leonard

Freshman, Sophomore & Junior Years

Brother Marcel

Senior Year

Brother Reginald

Freshman Year

Brother Robert

Junior & Senior Year

Brother Roger

Senior Year

Brother Roland

Sophomore, Junior & Senior Years

Brother Simeon

Freshman & Sophomore Years

Brother Thomas

Senior Year

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