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Before departing from the portals of Msgr. Prevost High School, we the Class of '59, wish to retrospect upon our four profitable and memorable years here at Prevost.

In September of 1955, sixty-three sheepish freshmen were greeted by the sound of Brother Alban's bell for the first time. As freshmen we were for the most part, uncertain as to what our post-high school days held in store for us, but we undertook our subjects with the fickleness that plagues most freshmen. It was during our first year that Prevost was honored by its acceptance into the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Our basketball team displayed its prowess by winning the Catholic Tourney and reaching the semi-finals in the Tech Tourney.

Upon returning from a fine summer vacation, we found that our class had diminished to forty-seven students. During our second year we were commended for our active participation in school activities. Prevost once again displayed athletic prominence by placing second in the Narry League in both baseball and basketball. During our sophomore year we felt the full brunt of the C.U. (Catholic University) tests, having to sweat four of them out.

As juniors we were united into one class for the first time. Our junior year saw the introduction of a new rule on campus, one which was not very popular with the student body. After consulting with our parents, the faculty decided that we should wear ties and suit coats to school. The present juniors handed us a few decisive setbacks on the gridiron but this wasn't enough to top our class which led the school in virtually every field. Our class picnic at Ferring's Pond was perhaps the most memorable event of the year.

Now we come to our senior year. In September 1958, thirty-five distinguished seniors entered Prevost High for their final year with the supreme desire of receiving a diploma at commencement exercises on June 14. Our senior year was, of course, the best. In our senior year, academic achievement was rewarded by the adoption of the Eugenio Pacelli Chapter of the National Honor Society. Toward the end of our senior year, we received word that two fellow students, Paul Lambert and Julien Goulet had been awarded scholarships to M.I.T. This was an honor not only to the recipients but to the entire senior class, the best in the history of Prevost High! Before closing, however, we the Class of '59, wish to thank wholeheartedly Brother Alban, our principal who guided us through our four years here at Prevost, Brother Augustus our senior class moderator, and the entire faculty for their untiring and successful efforts in giving us an education which is sure to make us all future successes.

Best of luck to the future seniors, and may they have the honor of emulating the Class of '59!

Class of '59

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