As Others See Us

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As Others See Us ....
Richard Barrette

Nickname: Dick

Pet Phrase: "Oh, well!"

Pastime: Moaning

Weakness: Blondes

Favorite Haunt: Bowling Alley

Pet Hate: People who knock New bedford

Ambition: To study political science

Albert Berube

Nickname: Bags

Pet Phrase: "Oh! shut up."

Pastime: Puttering around his car

Weakness: 1952 Olds

Favorite Haunt: His garage

Pet Hate: A certain cop

Ambition: To own Mother's

Edgar Berube

Nickname: Ed

Pet Phrase: "You bug me."

Pastime: Hunting

Weakness: Boogie clothes

Favorite Haunt: Club Cal

Pet Hate: The same cop

Ambition: Civil Engineer

Ronald Berube

Nickname: Birdie

Pet Phrase: "Who cares?"

Pastime: Reading

Weakness: A full library card

Favorite Haunt: Armand's Variety

Pet Hate: Show-offs

Ambition: Join Air Force

Roland Bileau

Nickname: Ro

Pet Phrase: "Don't look at me."

Pastime: Galavanting

Weakness: Sports

Favorite Haunt: D.A. (Dominican Academy)

Pet Hate: Non-conformists

Ambition: To be a success

Raymond Blais

Nickname: Blais d'Inde

Pet Phrase: "I bet."

Pastime: Combing his hair

Weakness: Girls

Favorite Haunt: Ste. Anne's

Pet Hate: Wise guys

Ambition: Electrical Engineer

Gerard Brault

Nickname: Gerry

Pet Phrase: "I don't know."

Pastime: Playing pin ball machines

Weakness: Pat

Favorite Haunt: Mulberry Street

Pet Hate: loudmouths

Ambition: to be successful

Paul Cantin

Nickname: fuz

Pet Phrase: "rip out."

Pastime: selling cars

Weakness: Cars

Favorite Haunt: father's car lot

Pet Hate: Safe drivers

Ambition: accountant

Normand Cayer

Nickname: butch

Pet Phrase: "aw, shut up."

Pastime: playing basketball

Weakness: basketball

Favorite Haunt: lafayette park

Pet Hate: wise guys

Ambition: draftsman

Roger Chauvette

Nickname: chevy

Pet Phrase: "watch your speed."

Pastime: cruising the drag

Weakness: father's dodge

Favorite Haunt: leo's lunch

Pet Hate: leo marchand

Ambition: join air force

Jean Chouinard

Nickname: johnny

Pet Phrase: "oh, me!"

Pastime: bowling

Weakness: Blondes

Favorite Haunt: viking's

Pet Hate: barbers

Ambition: fly a jet

Richard Chretien

Nickname: Creech

Pet Phrase: "let me see, now."

Pastime: riding around in dad's caddy

Weakness: chocolate cake

Favorite Haunt: home

Pet Hate: new bedford

Ambition: priesthood

Henry DeGagne

Nickname: hank

Pet Phrase: "I have a question."

Pastime: getting into predicaments

Weakness: pauline

Favorite Haunt: speedwell's farm

Pet Hate: american history

Ambition: To get married

Robert Dube

Nickname: bob

Pet Phrase: "change my diapers."

Pastime: working in his dad's laundry

Weakness: himself

Favorite Haunt: pleasant esso station

Pet Hate: diaper rash

Ambition: teacher

Bertrand Durette

Nickname: pete

Pet Phrase: "keep it up, man."

Pastime: arguing

Weakness: boxing

Favorite Haunt: cafeteria

Pet Hate: bob manosh

Ambition: radar technician

Richard Gendreau

Nickname: Dick

Pet Phrase: "that's life."

Pastime: composing stories

Weakness: loud shirts

Favorite Haunt: ste. anne's

Pet Hate: girls who smoke

Ambition: teacher

Julien Goulet

Nickname: julee

Pet Phrase: "i don't give a darn."

Pastime: fighting with his sister

Weakness: curves

Favorite Haunt: capitol fruit store

Pet Hate: modern artists

Ambition: electrical engineer

Gerald Guay

Nickname: Gerry

Pet Phrase: "i hate dames."

Pastime: listening to records

Weakness: big blue eyes

Favorite Haunt: grinnel's

Pet Hate: nosey cops

Ambition: to own his own parking lot

Paul Lambert

Nickname: clem

Pet Phrase: "sounds good."

Pastime: debating

Weakness: Pauline

Favorite Haunt: Lincoln park

Pet Hate: other people's money

Ambition: electrical engineer

Maurice Lamontagne

Nickname: Moe

Pet Phrase: "my word!"

Pastime: doing the cha-cha-cha

Weakness: classical music

Favorite Haunt: taunton dog track

Pet Hate: slow dogs

Ambition: research chemist

Roger Lamontagne

Nickname: canuck

Pet Phrase: "get off my back."

Pastime: spinning records

Weakness: english language

Favorite Haunt: butch's house

Pet Hate: braggarts

Ambition: disk jockey

Donald Lanouette

Nickname: don

Pet Phrase: "eid!"

Pastime: passing his papers

Weakness: glasses

Favorite Haunt: buzzy's

Pet Hate: school

Ambition: join air force

Robert Lavoie

Nickname: bob

Pet Phrase: "nope!"

Pastime: sleeping

Weakness: physics and trig

Favorite Haunt: Modern shoe store

Pet Hate: people who buy shoes

Ambition: chemist

Gerard Letourneau

Nickname: Gerry

Pet Phrase: "Sacre bleu!"

Pastime: washing dishes

Weakness: aurore

Favorite Haunt: newberry's

Pet Hate: girls who smoke

Ambition: to get married

Reginald L'Italien

Nickname: reggie

Pet Phrase: "tell it to your congressman."

Pastime: chopping meat

Weakness: sports

Favorite Haunt: armand's

Pet Hate: convertibles

Ambition: electrical engineer

Robert Manosh

Nickname: bob

Pet Phrase: "go bang your ankles."

Pastime: polishing cars

Weakness: pauline

Favorite Haunt: drive-ins

Pet Hate: being rushed

Ambition: to be a millionaire

Leo Marchand

Nickname: None

Pet Phrase: "Show him where he belongs."

Pastime: playing basketball

Weakness: potato chips

Favorite Haunt: drive-ins

Pet Hate: errors

Ambition: to be successful in life

Paul Matton

Nickname: none

Pet Phrase: "too much."

Pastime: getting frustrated

Weakness: road maps

Favorite Haunt: ste. anne's

Pet Hate: fast drivers (20 m.p.h.)

Ambition: to become fabulous in speech

Maurice Michaud

Nickname: meech

Pet Phrase: "are those yanks lucky!"

Pastime: taking notes

Weakness: ulcers

Favorite Haunt: abdallahs fruit store

Pet Hate: science problems

Ambition: to own his own notebook company

Paul Pellerin

Nickname: pelly

Pet Phrase: "that's lovely."

Pastime: Working at somerset drugs

Weakness: girls

Favorite Haunt: lincoln park ballroom

Pet Hate: show offs

Ambition: to be a pilot

Raymond Pinault

Nickname: Ray

Pet Phrase: "wanna fight?"

Pastime: organizing football games

Weakness: pauline

Favorite Haunt: 261 globe st

Pet Hate: civilians

Ambition: father of football team

Roger Rioux

Nickname: rog

Pet Phrase: "don't fight it."

Pastime: jerking sodas

Weakness: anne

Favorite Haunt: deviller's drug store

Pet Hate: big wheels

Ambition: pharmacist

Robert St. Laurent

Nickname: bob

Pet Phrase: "what's the matter now?"

Pastime: hunting

Weakness: trig

Favorite Haunt: home

Pet Hate: loudmouths

Ambition: undecided

Robert Tremblay

Nickname: bob

Pet Phrase: "you're crazy."

Pastime: debating on sports

Weakness: academies

Favorite Haunt: armand's variety

Pet Hate: wise guys

Ambition: Teacher

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