Class Will

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Class Will

I, Richard Barrette, leave my sleeping pills to Gerard Vidal and Ludger Roy.

I, Albert Berube, leave a pad of tardy slips to Albert Beauchesne and Francis Gauthier.

I, Edgar Berube, leave my boogie chain to Raymond Proulx and Paul Lussier.

I, Ronald Berube, leave my boyish grin to Leonard Babin and David Black.

I, Roland Bileau, leave my bus to Donald Lavoie and Gerald Guay.

I, Raymond Blais, leave my height to Raymond Gagnon and Arthur Levesque.

I, Gerard Brault, leave my long hair to Hector Gauthier and Maurice Roy.

I, Paul Cantin, leave my steel wool hair to Roger St.Martin.

I, Normand Cayer, leave my silver bifocals to Raymond Masse and Roger Gauthier.

I, Roger Chauvette, leave my father's Dodge to Ronald Belanger and Ronald Mongeon.

I, John Chouinard, leave my home permanent set to Victor Berube and Paul Menard.

I, Richard Chrétien leave my sedateness to Frederick Mellen and Roland Levesque.

I, Henry DeGagne, leave my physique to Roger Desautels and Paul St.Amand.

I, Robert Dube leave my diapers to no one because I still need them.

I, Bertrand Durette, leave my heavyweight title belt to Robert Phenix and George Watts.

I, Richard Gendreau, leave my blinding shirts toEdouard Gauthier and Roger Laferriere.

I, Julien Goulet, leave a piece of my mind to Raymond Proulx.

I, Gerald Guay, leave my private space at Grinnel's to Richard Charron and Charles Michaud.

I, Paul Lambert, leave my debating eloquence to Paul Belanger and Paul Martin.

I, Maurice Lamontagne, leave my chronic case of woman phobia to Robert Comtois.

I, Roger Lamontagne, leave my French accent to Thomas Ryan and Robert Silva.

I, Donald Lanouette, leave my paper route to Roland Michaud and Roger Levesque.

I, Robert Lavoie, leave a meat-eating allosaurus to Edward Caron and Joseph Landry.

I, Gerard Letourneau, leave my hairy chest to Arthur Turgeon and Paul Whitehead.

I, Reginald L'Italien, leave my share of N.E.P. to Ernest Cowell and Raymond Ross.

I, Robert Manosh, leave my girl's hope chest to Rene Tremblay.

I, Leo Marchand, leave my meteorological proboscis to Raymond Hetu and Raymond Martin.

I, Paul Matton, leave my muscles to Gerald DiChiara and George Lambert.

I, Maurice Michaud, leave my ulcer to Donald Levesque and Jean Langlois.

I, Paul Pellerin, leave my little black book to Robert Durette and Roger Levasseur.

I, Raymond Pinault, leave my mother-in-law to Paul Desilets and Ronald Dube.

I, Roger Rioux leave my bottle of seltzer to  Ronald Vallee and Normand Yokell.

I, Robert St.Laurent, leave Somerset to the Indians.

I, Robert Tremblay, leave Julien Goulet.

We, the Class of '59, leave a guitar to Paul Levesque.


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