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Here are some links to other sites that might interest you. Just click on the underlined area and the site will open in a new window.

  •  The Brothers of Christian Instruction - The website for the Congregation of Brothers who taught us for our four years of high school (or they sure tried).

    • This official Web Page of the Notre Dame (USA) District of the Roman Catholic Religious Order for the Brothers of Christian Instruction shows the history, mission, vision, etc. of its members.

  •  Lincoln Park - Good old Lincoln Park remembered in this video.
    • The amusement park of our younger days. The thrills and enjoyment this place has brought to all of us. The great rides, french fries with vinegar, penny arcade, Million Dollar Ballroom with rock & roll bands and dancing and roller skating. The end of the school year when we spent the day at the park with all our classmates. The Tilt-A-Whirl, Bubble Bounce, Roller Coaster, Fun House, Train Ride, Dodgem Cars and so many more rides and attractions. We were lucky to have Lincoln Park in the 1940s and 50s when we were kids. Now it's just a memory but this video brings it back to life.
  •  More Lincoln Park - Recent pictures of Lincoln Park.
    • Now fallen into disrepair, this is a sad tribute to something that was so good and touched all of us.

  •  Dube & Associates -  Bob Dube Consultants' website. www.dubeassociates.com
    • Hospital and Insurance Consultants.                                                                                    

  •  Gerry's Place - Gerry Guay's genealogy site.
    • Family tree information and stories written by my Aunt's and Uncles of their growing up in Canada and Fall River, MA in the early 1900s.                                                                  

  •  Tall Ships 2004, New London, CT - Tall Ships Parade.
    • Gerry Guay's boat trip to view the Tall Ships Parade in on the Thames River in New London, CT in 2004. A fog crept in towards the end of the parade ending the viewing of the ships. This was viewed from my friend Jack's boat.

  •  Gerry's Air Force Days - Gerry's collection of memories and pictures of his Air Force Days '59 to '67.
    • Includes pictures of Tinker AFB, Wright Paterson AFB, Lowry AFB, Malden Island, Rarotonga, Port Moresby & Wewak, New Guinea.

  •  6th Weather Squadron Alumni Association  - Gerry's website for his Alumni Association from his early Air Force days at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma and mobile weather projects.
    • Gerry is also webmaster for this website.

  •  Our Newport, RI Trip - Gerry's site. Yearly Thanksgiving weekend workplace fun trip 2005.
    •  This year is to old Newport, RI with a tour of the Mansions of yesteryear.

  •  Life on a Train - Life is like a train ride and this link connects to a presentation here in a thoughtful arrangement of pictures, music and thoughts to reflect on. (Author unknown)
    • A Powerpoint Presentation. When the Powerpoint Presentation starts, you must click the mouse or hit the Space bar to advance to the next page. I thought this was a nice addition.

  Let me know if there are any websites that I should add to this list. Thanks, Gerry

Any links from this site does not imply any endorsement of any kind by this site or its management.


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